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Angel Workshop



The purpose of this Angel Workshop  is to introduce you to your own Guardian Angel and provide information for working with your angel.
Attunements are included which facilitate your ability to work with your angel.

This Workshop contains information, meditations, practices and attunements for helping you become aware of and work with your own Guardian Angel, Archangels and other Angelic messengers.

Your angel is the most important spiritual guide you can work with.

Your Attunements :-

1st Connection-to facilitate communication both ways:
This attunement assists
both you and the Angels in harmonizing energies in ways that promotes communication.

2nd Connection- for increasing sensitivity to Angelic energies this is autonomous and permanently increases sensitivity to Angelic energies but does not interfere with free will or cause unwanted communication.

Some elements of this set are autonomous they activate by themselves as needed.
Other functions are activated by intention.

What is covered in The Angels Attunement Workshop

What are Angels
Guardian Angels
Angels through the Ages
How can you call an Angel into your life
How can you recognise an Angel
Signs of Angels
Receiving Angelic Help
An Angelic Altar
Angels of the week
Crystals to use in Angel Meditations
Guilded Meditations
How can you tell if your Angel is answering your question
Dreaming with Angels

Working with Angel Cards

Angelic Spells
Invocation of Healing Angels
and much more.

Cost £25


Please email me for dates


Organise your own workshop
If you have a group of more than 8 people,
Yvonne McSherry is happy to travel to your location

If you would like to run your own Angel Workshops.

I have a Angel Teacher course.

Cost £100