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Animal Healing



Reiki for pets and animals

I have been asked recently by a practitioner new to Reiki, if Reiki can be used on animals.

This tells me that there are some teachers out there either just attuning people to the Reiki energy or not teaching enough information. Reiki is safe to use for any living life form. This includes all species.....plants, animals, and humans. Since everything is composed of energy molecules, and the joining of molecules makes up all levels of matter, then simply stated, Reiki is the energy that animates all living things. When all life forms are first "created", they have a maximum amount of life-sustaining energy; but as they begin to age, there is a cycle of deterioration that begins.

The body is de-stabilizing as an object and there is an on-going loss of vital energy. So all of life is a "temporary" experience in a solid, form-body; and as this cycle plays itself out, all objects begin to loose their stability.... their ability to hold a full charge of life-sustaining energy. By giving any object a Reiki treatment(s), that object is filled with the maximum quantity of energy that it is capable of holding, at its present stage/cycle of reverting back to an energy-state. So you see that anything that is in solid form can use a shot of energy; a Reiki treatment. Depending on the state of balance of any object (i.e., loss of life-giving energy), some objects can use more energy than other objects. This is why some life-forms (plants, animals, humans) may receive more energy than other similar life forms. And this is why some life forms require more energy one-treatment time than another.

Back to animals, because of the size of their bodies, small animals do not need as much energy as do larger animals; and animals that are imbalanced, need more than healthy animals (regardless of size). So if you have a small animal (i.e., newborn, miniature, rodent, bird, etc.) they can most often be held in the palm of one hand, and the other hand held "loosely" above its body, and treatment time will usually be short - less that 15 minutes.

For moderate-sized animals (i.e., most dogs, domestic cats, fowl, rodents, etc.), you would only place your hands over most of their body. This may take more than one hand placement, but it would not take too much to cover the entire body; treatment usually lasts for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour. And for large domesticated animals (large breed dogs, ponies, big-cats, monkeys, etc.) you would place your hands over each area of their bodies; similar to hands position of humans, but more closely related to their organs and/or areas of malaise.

Treatment may last from 15 minutes to one hour or more. Lastly, for the very "large" animals (i.e., tame zoo animals, livestock, work animals, etc.), you would want to gather several of your Reiki friends to come over and place their hands wherever they can, for as long as they can. Treatment usually lasts for 15 minutes to an hour.

For all other animals, mostly of wild species, we only recommend "distance/absentee" treatments.

For un-tamed birds in a cage, fish in a tank, poisonous animals in aquariums, etc., it is recommended to place the hands on either side (or top and bottom) of their container/home; Reiki will just go through the material and be received by the animals. One more point, animals are usually much more sensitive than humans, and as such, they may shy away from the energy at first. But they will grow accustomed to the feeling of the Reiki, realizing that it is good for them, and they will eventually allow much longer times of treatment, as time goes on.

When you are doing treatments, on yourself or others, animals may climb up and sit in the receiver's lap, or on the solar plexus, or somewhere nearby, in the auric field.

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