Reiki Power

Yvonne McSherry, Reiki Master Teacher ICHT.IIHHT.MASC.GRA RRP.BSYA(MED TEACH)
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What to expect
Reiki is not "taught" in the way that most practices are. You must go through an ancient and precise attunement process performed by a Reiki Master.

This attunement changes the vibrational level of you and your aura by "re-wiring" the subtle energy channels in our finer bodies through transmission of Ki energy and the use of sacred symbols.

I have 15 years experience!!

Before the attunement
When I attune people I like them to have a meditation session just before, this enables the student to become relaxed and focused.

This gives me time to get myself ready and to prepare the room in which I have my altar.

Amongst other rituals such as lighting candles and burning incense, I empower the room by drawing all the Reiki symbols in the air, I then ask all my spiritual guides and the guides of the student to be present.  

The attunement

The process is performed by me but controlled by the Universal Wisdom and attended and guided by astral Reiki Guides.

The attunement opens the crown, heart and palm Chakras, energy flows though the crown, down the spine and into the palm chakras. Then the whole process is sealed.

Different people have different experiences during attunements and there is no way of describing it. It can be a very powerful spiritual experience, but is always a wonderful life-healing process.

You may notice an immediate energy change or it may work more slowly on you over a 3 week period. It works entirely for your best.

Any leap in consciousness of course depends on your own vibratory level before you receive the attunements and is a very individual matter.

Your vibratory level is increased further by giving Reiki regularly to yourself and others. Once Reiki is activated by an attunement it is always with you.

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