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 Reiki Share

A Reiki Share is a gathering of Reiki Practitioners who join together for a combination social/healing session.

It can last anywhere from 3-4 hours or be an all day event.

It depends on who is hosting the share and how many people are in attendance on how long the share is.

I love to help you to gain confidence and make friends.

The concept of a "share" is for new and experienced practitioners to participate in giving and receiving Reiki in a atmosphere of friendship and love.

Participating in a share is a beneficial way of honouring one another as healers.
Reiki Shares are also commonly referred to as "Reiki Circles." A share consists of many healing hands on one person at a time.

One person lies on a table and the participating practitioners gather around the person laying hands upon him/her facilitating a massive flow of Reiki energies.

Group energies are often very strong and can be more deepening than individual sessions.

It is a wonderful and often profound experience!

I will be shortly be posting details of my next Reiki Share, but in the meantime if you would like further information please feel free to contact me.

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