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Yvonne McSherry, Reiki Master Teacher ICHT.IIHHT.MASC.GRA RRP.BSYA(MED TEACH)
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Reiki Treatments




 The Space and Positioning

A treatment room is not necessary to do Reiki, you can sit, stand or lay down. All that is required is the placing of hands on the recipient.

Standing or sitting is fine for a short Reiki treatment; however as a full Reiki treatment can last from 40 to 60 minutes, it is more comfortable if the client lies on a treatment couch.

Yvonne also offers short treatments of 15 minutes or half an hour.

The room is generally conducive to relaxation, i.e. gentle lighting, soft relaxing music, incense or aromatherapy oils burn etc.

Before the Treatment

Yvonne will ask you some questions and find out your reasons for having Reiki healing. She will then go on to explain what the treatment involves, the hand positions used and what to expect from the process.

You will remain fully clothed but she will ask you to take off your shoes and any bulky jewellery.

The Treatment and Experience

While you stand, sit or preferably lay on the treatment couch Yvonne will place her hands gently on you in various positions.

Reiki is not a massage and no tissue manipulation is ever involved.

The hand positions usually start at the head with Yvonne’s hands on your face, working down the body and finishing at the feet.

It is non-intrusive treatment therefore there is respect for body privacy.

You may feel tingling or the flow of Reiki through your body. People often explain that Yvonne’s hands become very warm while they see a rainbow of different colours.

Most people feel exceptionally relaxed and some fall asleep.

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