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Yvonne McSherry, Reiki Master Teacher ICHT.IIHHT.MASC.GRA RRP.BSYA(MED TEACH)
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~The Students Feedback~


Following are just a few of the comments that I have recieved after the training courses.
Reiki 1 Courses
Hi Yvonne
Thank you very much much for my Reiki one attunement. I was very nervous before and unsure what to expect but you made me feel welcome and relaxed. I am enjoying practising Reiki on myself and family members.................
Many thanks I look forward to seeing you very soon to complete Reiki 2, my friend would like to be attuned to Reiki 1.....
Thanks Kirsteen
Hi Yvonne
Well, I must say that we (whole family) can feel the change!
My husband normally takes anti inflammatory pills for his
back & hip.  When he has a flair up it normally lasts 2-3 days
and he has real problems walking.......
Well the other night he flared up...
So, I treated him at bedtime.
He was perfectly fine when he got up.
So, he's now calling me "The Healer".
Xara my daughter is finally enjoying good health.
This is the longest stretch of wellness she's had since she was 7 weeks old.
Sign me up. Im ready for Reiki 2!!

Hyde Cheshire
Reiki 2 courses
Hello Yvonne
Just to say thanks for a great day. The Reiki symbols WOWI have found the energy 100% stronger and have just done a distance healing, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the whole thing, still practising the symbols  started  on my 3rd pad
see you soon

Anfield Liverpool
Reiki Master/Teacher Course
Hi Yvonne
Thank you for such a lovely day yesterday and for making the whole reiki 3 experience so special.  The effect that the attunement has had on me already is unbelievable! 
I feel unusally calm since yesterday, more confident, more self worth etc.
Something has definately changed within me, difficult to describe but definately for the better!
St Helens
A new Reiki Master sitting in  on Reiki 2 course
Hi Yvonne
Thanks a million for today, I'm really grateful, it was great to see the attunement process and also to be able to chat about reiki with you, you make it seem all so normal!! which is great.
I am now determined to do my first attunement quite soon......
Thanks again for a lovely day and for making me feel so wecome...

Reiki Master/Teacher Level

Dear Yvonne
I thought I would let you know I am now teaching Reiki myself..................
I also remember that I was mighty pleased to find you, when I needed the attunement at an affordable price and I was in a well paid job at the time so what chance do many people have of paying these exorbitant fees that others charge.
You told me to 'spread the light' and that Reiki would students would be found!!

Stockport Cheshire   


Hi Yvonne,

Thanks a lot for today. Brilliant session, covered everything and I really enjoyed all of it. Had all my questions answered and learned a lot about INTENTION! Thanks a lot again, and I'll see you in the summer to take over your lessons :-P.

Thanks so much again,